PATTON has the most contemporary squatting plate.

Squatting plate is a unique product for rural sanitation which is hygienic, durable and economical. It is a portable sanitation system which is easy to install, clean and maintain. The squatting plate is extremely useful for all temporary sanitation projects in remote places, hills and calamity prone areas.

Some features of Squatting plates :

  • Rotationally molded by compressing the resin and casting of pan and flange.
  • Fire resistant / anti oxidants proof.
  • Acid proof, crack resistant, corrosive chemical resistant makes it suitable to exposure of any chemicals for cleaning and does not damage or discolour the plate.


Size 900 X 900mm (2) 2.5% and (+) 5%
Thickness 5mm - 0% + 10%
Pan 420 X 210 3.15mm
Slope Sharp Angle
Foot rest 130 X 180mm
Load Bearing Capacity 200 kgs.